bar mitzvah trips in israel

bar mitzvah trips in israel

A Bar Mitzvah happens once in a lifetime, and many parents try to make this day an extraordinary and unique celebration. The children are extremely enthusiastic and in Israel they start learning this day’s meaning from the beginning of the year.

This day symbolizes great happiness for the entire family and therefore many try to find a way to celebrate the bar mitzvah with family and friend in the most interesting,
special and unique event possible.

!No more parties with too many guests, ruckus and noise and synthetic greetings

!The solution-A jeep trip in Israel

A celebration with all the family and friends:

A Bar Mitzvah trip in Israel’s nature can be an extreme experience for both children and adults

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It is possible to invite a large group of friends and family or alternately celebrate only with the close family in one jeep for a more private trip. The jeeps go through winding, surprising and exciting trails, during which the tour guide tells fascinating stories and explanations about the locations, the surroundings and nature.

Such a trip combines an extreme experience with a connection to the earth and nature, which is the extra value. The Bar Mitzvah child can invite his friends and family and together they can all take a memorable trip filled with many experiences.

Field Activities:

During the trip we can organize group games for the kids and family, tug-of-war, team building games, mind sport games and other activities.

The trip can be integrated with challenging field activities. Kids love activities which combine thinking, teamwork and extreme. It is possible to take jeep trips with interesting pit stops for having quizzes about the locations of the stop, or even something special about the Bar Mitzvah kid.

It is also possible to integrate a field trip on foot into the trip, in one of the beautiful rivers of our country, or other magnificent trails in woods or other amazing trails.

The jeeps can always be decorated and we can make sure that the birthday kid is always in the front of the convoy!

A diverse meal in the field:

A real celebration can only be complete with a special meal for the kids and the guests. It is possible to plan ahead for a meal in the field. The meals are diverse and of high quality. You can choose your own menu for the occasion, such as: fresh breads, special cheeses, wine, meats, pies and quiches, salads and more.

The celebration itself comes to its prime and everyone eats and drinks together, enjoy the country’s view, the fresh air and share the experiences they just had.

In conclusion, jeep trips for a Bar Mitzvah celebration in Israel make a fun, experiential and unique solution, which is perfect for this special day.

!See you on the Jeep

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