Vacationing in the Valley of the Springs

Vacationing in the Valley of the Springs

Mystery of the Japanese, Night Safari and Gourmet Meal

Unique experience for the vacationing families in the Valley of the Springs, especially for the cool after noon hours.

After a visit to the cool springs of the Valley, we will meet with Na’ama in Kibutz Heftsibah for an interesting tour of the Japanese Garden.

For Years she taught and was a foster mom for students from the Japanese Maqoyah Ulpan. Na’ama offers guidance and a lot of knowledge about the Maqoyah people from Japan.

The love story between the Maqoyah movement and Kibutz Heftsibah brought the magical Japanese Garden into life, 54 years of a trans-national and a cultural story.

Who are the loving Maqoyah, and what is this special bond with Heftsibah?

הגן היפני המלצה לטיול מדניג'יפ

The traditional Japanese Garden has many Japanese cultural elements, each one has a meaning and a blessing. Such as the water, light, stream, fish, Cranes, Hut and ancient cave.

The tour is interesting and is suitable for the entire family and for organized groups of all ages.

After the visit, at dusk, we will meet up with Danny and his open Jeep for a unique Israeli safari ride which gives tourists a chance to encounter nature’s beauty in the valley at night.

We will drive through the valley towards the Isaschar river and the Jordan Valley in search of wild animals that are coming out of hiding at night.

We will search for wild boars, elegant dear and rabbits, we may also meet the mysterious owl.

 During the trip we will watch the stars and have cold watermelon.

The end of the fascinating day will be at one of the local restaurants

 or a great vegetarian meal in the field

טיול לילה עם דני ג'יפ


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