family JEEP tours – jeep trips in israel

A fun jeep experience for the whole family

A jeep trip in Israel can be a fun solution for the whole family that is traveling in Israel. Families with children will very much enjoy the drive in the open jeep, enjoy Israel’s magical ambiance and the special places you don’t see in the ordinary trips throughout the country’s roads. We will travel in dense forests, near clear springs and reach historic locations with biblical stories, and more!

These sort of trips are good for all seasons, whether it is in the spring when Israel is green and the flowers are in the peak of their bloom and their special smell fills the country, or in the winter when we can enjoy the flowing rivers, or in the fall when the weather is inviting, or even in the summer when it is possible to take enjoyable water trips with long dips in the cool refreshing water, and most children are on vacation and it is possible to take long family trips.


Jeep trips in Israel may include countless attractions and travel routes for all crowds.

With professional planning using the right company, with a nice and welcoming ambiance, a memorable

and fun experience will become possible.


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