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For those that this trip is the first and for those who it isn’t, I am glad to tell you about the jeep tour attraction in Israel, a fun and liberating experience, different from the trips you may have already had in Israel.

We offer various deals of trips that take into consideration the requirement of the clients and their nature in order that they will have the best jeep experience.

Jeep trips in Israel are suitable for every social group, such as family trips, women trips, team building days, trips for a whole day or several days with sleeping in the field or in pampering rooms…

 This sort of JEEP trip combines the wild nature and extreme fun sport. Jeep trips in Israel are one of the best ways to come by the less known spectacular sceneries that our small country has to offer :


טיול ג'יפים סובב הכנרת

Round Kinneret Jeep Tours
A trip around the Sea of Galilee is unique
and very charming. The drive is through beautiful terrain
which spreads from the Jordan Valley in the south, Sefad in the North,
the Golan Hights in the East and the Lower Galilee…
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דני ג'יפ - טיול ג'יפים בצפון להר הגלבועJeep trip to Mount Gilboa
Danny Jeep will take you to the highest peak of the Gilboa Mountain, 
the young oak forest, beautiful carpets of blooming flowers and spectacular
views observed from the mountain. throughout the trip
You will reveal special views towards to Carmel Mountain,
Nazereth Mountains, Giv’at Ha’more and the Upper and Lower Galilee…
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בשדות הגליל התחתון בדרך לנחל תבורA Team Building Jeep Trip in the Lower Galilee 
This is a fun and exciting jeep trip in the Northern Part of Israel.
A trip from the Lower Galilee to the Jordan Valley.
The Jeep trip includes visiting some attractive tourist destinations.
We will begin our trip in two tourist sites in the Lower Galilee:
 the Winery Center in Kfar Tabor with the Marzipan Museum,
and the Circassian Experience in Kfar Kama…read more



maayanjeep trip to Zipori River 
A beautiful and calm jeep trip to  Zipori River:
The river is surrounded by orchards and river vegetation,
a beautiful spring, Gristmills, Aqueducts and year round water.
During September we will see a lot of Pomegranates orchards…
The journey takes 2 hours



סיור ג'יפים וחוויה דרוזית בכרמלJeep Tours with a Druze experience in the Carmel
A fascinating jeep trip to the evergreen Carmel Mountain
with a magical view to the Mediterranean.
We will have an authentic Druze experience,
which will include a tour in the old part of Dalyat-el-Carmel.
During this special tour we will experience the different people, sounds,
smells and sights while listening to local music and a Druze feast



view mohrakajeep trip to the highest peak of Mt. Gilboa
This trip contains a fascinating drive through magnificent forests
to the eastern part of Mount Gilboa. During the drive
we will pass ancient settlements, 
herds of deer and hopping Rock Hyrax’s.
The tour has a great view towards the Jordan Valley,
Ramat Yisashar, Ramat Sirin and the Upper and Lower Gallil mountains.
We will drive through a beautiful winding way,
which will take us to the highest peak…read more



family tours - jeep trips in israelA fun experience for the whole family
A jeep trip in Israel can be a fun solution for the whole family
that is traveling in Israel.
Families with children will very much enjoy
the drive in the open jeep…
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bar mitzvah trip in israelbar mitzvah trips in israel
A Bar Mitzvah happens once in a lifetime,
and many parents try to make this day an extraordinary and unique celebration.
A Bar Mitzvah trip in Israel’s nature can be an extreme experience
for both children and adults…
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jeep tour in israelfun for couples, families and groups
Danny Jeep is all about organizing days of unification and fun
for couples, families and groups.
the tours can be integrated with hikes and site-seeing
which vary according to the season of the year…read more



jesus trailAdventure in the footsteps of Jesus 
The official name of this route is “The Way of the Annunciation” 
following Jesus travels through the North of the Country 
Unforgettable views of Galilee are…read more




wine presses of the GilboaFamily trips through the vineyards and wine-presses
Visit Israel’s ancient rolling vineyards and their wine-presses
that are carved into the rock “Danny-Jeep” offers
family-orientated trips to the Gilboa and more




night trips with danny jeepnight trip in Beit She’an Valley
A fascinating journey in Beit She’an Valley,
one of the beautiful natural gems of Israel
Those who prefer night trips can enjoy a drive to locations
where wild animals seek for food, and with the aid of projectors,
we can watch nature’s fascinating night life,
the stars and enjoy lovely herb tea…



1Day trips 
can be great, starting in the morning
and ending with watching the colorful sunset
between the mountains, experienced tour guides
will know how to navigate the trip towards
charming and secluded locations,
which not many people know of…


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